© 2017 by Ian Buckley

The Moment We Met

RedNeedle Productions presents The Moment We Met

Written & directed by Ian Buckley

Set design by Cloe Harris-Seaton



Liz Lewis - Mary Drake
Alan Barr  - Daniel Lillie

RedNeedle Productions presents the Moment We Met at Baron Court Theatre written and directed by Ian Buckley.



Liz and Alan know there's a powerful attraction the moment they meet.

Is it love? Will it endure and grow? Will they find happiness at last?

All the signs say yes. Their affection deepens over time. Alan love liz. Liz loves Alan.


The go from strength to strength.


The future looks inviting and happy and full of promise.


But then one day an incident, a silly sort of incident begins to sow the seeds of doubt......


This new play will grip and intrigue. Can a man and a woman live together in harmony and fulfilment or is the normal state one of constant conflict.

Do we act honestly when in love or try to hide the truth.

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