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The Project

Northern Holland 1943. A bleak muddy camp named Westerbork, bursting at the seams with displaced people. And in this camp a miracle - cabaret performed by the very best artists in Europe to a smiling camp commandant. He wouldn't miss a show for the world, just as he wouldn't miss signing off the weekly transport of 1000 jews to the frightening East.

James Bonney MP

James Bonney, the swashbuckling moderate, the (ladies) man of the people doesn’t take kindly to enemies within – not his new leader who believes in something called socialism nor his local rival who thinks he’s sold out.

His political rival lives with his daughter while his agent fancies his wife. No one said life was perfect. Can James maintain his position, crush internal enemies and secure his place in history? And what does he have to do to bag that shadow cabinet post?

Realife TV

Dynamic Angela is excited by her latest assignment - the man with the missing past. The perfect subject for her 'Realife' slot on prime-time telly. Soon she finds all is not what it seems.


In the fast-moving unpredictable world Buckley creates, Angela struggles to control the forces she's unleashed. As events slip out of her control who can she turn to for help?

A new work inspired by the true story of 'an amnesiac' who turned destructive after a BBC film crew reunited him with his family for a scoop in 1999.

Picasso's Artful Occupation

In a gloomy vault of a Paris bank in September 1940, Picasso has been summoned by the German occupation authorities. His precious works of art are to be inventoried.

But for what reason?

To the new German order Picasso is an artist of the 'bolshevik-degenerate' variety. Is this summons a prelude to the art equivalent of the burning of books? An art Kristallnacht just for Pablo - the most famous artist alive?

A desperate, surreal, sometimes comic battle of wits and wills ensues. If Picasso loses, the consequences could be dire, both for him personally and for his work.

The Tailors' Last Stand

It’s the last meeting for this intrepid band of London Tailors. A time to reminisce, to swap stories of what was and what might have been, to take stock, and to look into the future.


But not for one moment is this going to be a tranquil wake. Fireworks can still fly and scores can still be settled when our comrades get together.

Based on his father’s memories and his life growing up in a communist household, Ian Buckley’s comic play takes an affectionate look at these men.

Tainted Love

Isobel - wife to Gil and mother to Mitchell - died unexpectedly 20 years ago. Intrigued by a remark his grandfather Harvey lets slip, Mitchell decides for the first time in his life that he'd like to know exactly how it happened.

He is drawn into a disturbing world of half truths and vague memories. Lisanne, his sister feels his quest is going nowhere. Their relationship starts to come under strain. Structurally the play is a mix of monologue and naturalistic scenes.

Suits and Blouses

Sarah, a spirited sixth-former, is fighting changes aimed at taking her school up-market. When her relationship with a member of staff is uncovered, those in charge have a lever against her.

Suits & Blouses was presented at The Room, The Orange Tree Theatre in Spring 1999. It accompanied the play The Last Thrash by David Cregan in the main house - both plays being a different look at the world of teaching.

It was directed by Richard Cullen and featured a cast of: Kaye Quinley, Sophie Rickman, Ewan Thompson and Ian Warwick.

The Moment We Met

Liz and Alan know there's a powerful attraction the moment they meet. Is it love? Will it endure and grow? Will they find happiness at last? All the signs say yes. Their affection deepens over time. Alan love liz. Liz loves Alan.


The go from strength to strength.


The future looks inviting and happy and full of promise.


But then one day an incident, a silly sort of incident begins to sow the seeds of doubt......


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