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The Tailors' Last Stand

RedNeedle Productions presents The Tailors Last Stand

Written & produced by Ian Buckley

Directed by Harry Saks

Set design by Cleo Harris-Seaton



Max - Edmund Dehn
Tom - Richard Ward
Barney - Tony Parkin
George - Terry Jermyn

The Tailors' Last Stand was presented at the Barons Court Theatre February and March 2013. It was directed by Harry Saks



Four lovable rogues, one political ideal…infinite comic mayhem!

It’s the last meeting for this intrepid band of London Tailors. A time to reminisce, to swap stories of what was and what might have been, to take stock, and to look into the future. But not for one moment is this going to be a tranquil wake. Fireworks can still fly and scores can still be settled when our comrades get together.

In one meeting a whole era finds its spirit. As Max, Barney, Tom and George perform the last rites over their beloved union branch and consign it to history, they are bidding a sad farewell to a time of struggle, of belief in a finer society that hasn’t quite materialised. The passage of time may have rocked and dented their beliefs but they have lived and they will die still cherishing them.

Based on his father’s memories and his life growing up in a communist household, Ian Buckley’s comic play takes an affectionate look at these men.

My play is a memory and a tribute to them.


Ian was interviewed on BBC Radio where he talked about his father and his work on Saville Row which provided the inspiration for this play.

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